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2014 Breeding List

These are the breedings for 2014, if you are interested in reserving a kid for 2015,
contact us and I will quote you a price.

Reservations are available on two bucks and two does from each breeding.
If you are interested in a kid that is already reserved, I will
keep you in mind once the doe freshens.

Breedings marked with an * are confirmed via BioTracking!

Doe Buck Due Wethers Does Available
Lily L.H. White Zinfandel KRAC King Richard January* 1 2 1Doe
Gold Country Constance SA KRAC King Richard January*      
Gold Country White Diamonds KRAC King Richard February*      
KRAC Natalya KRAC King Richard January*      
RDR All That Glitters KRAC King Richard March*      
RDR Chevelle KRAC King Richard March*      
RDR Deringer KRAC King Richard March*