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2017 Breeding List
These are the current breedings for 2017, they will be updated once breedings are confirmed. Contact me at rconway03@gmail.com to reserve your kid today!

Nubian Breedings:
Breedings marked with an * are confirmed via BioTracking!

Doe Buck Due Bucks Does Available
GCH RDR Elizabeth SGCH Hallcienda Frosty Marvin (AI) Apr 8 1 1 1B
GCH RDR WTW Matilda Sweet Harvest Show Time (AI) Mar 20 2 1 1B
RDR Shadow's Emma RDR Tao's Maestro *B Apr 1 0 1 1D
GCH Warner Ranch MC Savannah RDR Tao's Maestro *B Feb 2 1 3 1B, 1D
RDR Shadow's Isadora RDR Tao's Maestro *B Mar 19 1 2 1D
RDR Shadow's Rumor Has It RDR Tao's Maestro *B May 13 2 0 2B
RDR Shadow's Echo LaMancha, DNA Pending Mar 2 2 1 None
RDR Playboy Eleanor RDR Tao's Maestro *B Mar 27 0 1 None
SGCH RDR Playboy Octavia RDR Tao's Maestro *B Apr 9 0 1 None
RDR Playboy Leda RDR Tao's Maestro *B Apr 9 1 1 1D
RDR Playboy Pearl RDR Playboy Sherlock *B Feb 4 1 0 None


LaMancha Breedings:
Breedings marked with an * are confirmed via BioTracking!

Doe Buck Due Bucks Does Available
SGCH RDR Farm Camille Open N/A N/A N/A None
GCH Scarlet Hills Marilyn Kastdemur's Venchi Mar 5 0 2 2D
RDR Samson's Silver Star Kastdemur's Venchi Mar 5 2 0 1B
GCH RDR Tumult's Cadenza SG Kastdemur's Stingray +*B (AI) June*      
GCH RDR LY Mariposa J-Haven's 777 Livin In Sin *B (AI) Mar 5 1 1 1B
RDR Torino's Captivate Kastdemur's Venchi Mar 29 1 2 1D
Scarlet Hills CM Elizabeth J-Haven's 777 Livin In Sin *B (AI) Mar 5 0 2 None
RDR TC's Imperial RDR Tach Canon Mar 24 1 2 2D
RDR LY Vervet RDR Tach Canon Feb 4 0 2 2D
RDR TC's Fiji Vineyard View Mac Bravo Mar 21 0 3 2D
SG RDR Chalupa Chitchat Kastdemur's Venchi *B Mar 19 1 1 1D
RDR LY Espresso RDR Tach Canon June*      
SG RDR Chalupa Norma Jeane Vineyard View Mac Bravo Mar 27 0 3 1D
RDR Eclipse Corine Kastdemur's Venchi May* 1 0 None
RDR Eclipse Tamarin Vineyard View Mac Bravo March* 1 0 None
RDR Eclipse Cymbal Kastdemur's Venchi Mar 20 1 1 None
RDR Eclipse Bora Bora Vineyard View Mac Bravo Apr 6 1 1 1D
RDR LY Vivian RDR Tach Canon May*      
RDR LY Madeira Vineyard View Mac Bravo June*      

Sales Policy: We try to keep our herd size down, so each year the majority of doe kids born will be offered for sale, along with several first and second fresheners. If you would like to reserve a kid from our herd we ask that you contact us for availability, and then send a $100 deposit per kid, with the balance due within 14 days of the kids arrival. Prices quoted are for pre-ordered kids picked-up or shipped at 4-6 weeks of age. Prices do not include shipping fees, including airline costs, shipping crate, health certificates, or transportation to the airport. These fees are the responsibility of the buyer. We would like to invite you to pick up your kid in person, we just ask that you schedule an appointment to do so due to our work schedules.

We would like you to pick a first choice kid as well as a second choice in the event that your first choice is not born. We do reserve the right to retain any animal on the sales list for herd replacement, or withdraw from sale an animal that does not meet our quality standards. If we are unable to fill your order or if the animal does not meet our standards of quality, your deposit may be transferred to another choice, carried over to the following year, or refunded upon request. Deposits will not be refunded on canceled orders.

Rachel Conway ~ RDR Farm
PO Box 93, Ferndale, CA 95536