~ Valencia Figuritas ~ Frillbacks ~
~ Catalonian Tumblers ~ Italian Owls ~

~ Bernhardiner Schecken ~

Our Pigeon loft has harbored many different breeds we have enjoyed and appreciated for their athleticism and beauty.

The Valencia Figurita's was the first pigeons we started with and have continued to breed, fly and exhibit. November of 2009 we purchased our first Frillbacks, at the Pageant of Pigeons in Southern California. We are focusing our breeding program on the Red and Yellow grizzles in order to keep our numbers manageable and still keep a larger gene pool.

We have recently added the Catalonian Tumblers, Italian Owls and Bernardiner Schecken and are looking forward to this yearís breeding seasons

We enjoy exhibiting our birds and getting together with our friends that have pigeons to share and learn more about the hobby. It is a chance to compare our birds and have them judged by critical eyes to help us select out our best and to continue to breed better birds.

We are working on our pigeon site, still updating and adding pictures and show information, so please check back for photos and more show results.

Contact Us: franciscreek@frontiernet.net