Since 2002 I have been designing webpages, beginning with one I used for my 4-H Emerald Star Project. I've come a long ways since then, and today I have designed or currenlty maintain the following webpages.

I maintain my own site for RDR Farm. I designed Silva's Arabians in December of 2007, and it is my most recent addition. As a member of the Humboldt County Fair Dairy Doe Replacement Committee I have designed and maintained since 2002, when I initially used it for my Emerald Star. On a similar basis, as a member of the Humboldt Dairy Goat Association I created a website for them in the spring of 2007, which is still in the early phases.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced, functional, and easily navigated webpage, please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss what it is you're looking for and annual or start-up costs associated with the design and maintenance.

RDR Farm

Silva's Arabians

Humboldt Dairy Doe Replacement Project

Humboldt Dairy Goat AssociationS